Current Projects

Maryland Mayflower Org: Implemented an e-commerce solution. Go there

Welcome to CJM Designs

Hello and welcome. This website is my playground for trying out new web design ideas as well as presenting some of the my past design work. I've been programming computers since 1986 and working on the web for over fifteen years. If your goal is to improve the findability of your website, web standards will help. Search engines like it too. Websites that I design are optimized for low bandwidth, easy to navigate, visually interesting, and easy to maintain due to focusing on the techniques and benefits of designing with web standards.

lilies I am an IT web consultant to business development managers and other marketing personnel, assisting them with email messaging strategies and best practices with tools such as Salesforce, Exact Target and SilverPop. In my most recent assignment, I provided technical end-user support and training for mass email marketing tools, online messaging services and content management systems. I utilized Salesforce and its associated web services to maximize lead gathering and CRM.

Further details

In my work, I find that my development background and experience with technologies such as SEO, HTML, Javascript, PHP, image editing, API, and SOAP interfaces is extremely helpful. I have a strong customer service focus and am adept at conveying technical concepts to people at all levels. I am a quick learner, experienced in searching out resources for what I need to learn and able to rapidly get up to speed on new tools and technologies.